Product Review Programs

Product Review Programs

At KPR we have found that there is no more credible endorsement of a product than that given by an editor or writer who has actually tried the product before writing about it. KPR maintains an exhaustive database of editors and writers who are skilled at reviewing high-tech products and who have outlets for publishing these reviews. We also act as technical support for editors and freelancers. These products include, but are not limited to, computer hardware and software, boards of all types, storage products, fast software loaders, network and telecommunications equipment.

TESTIMONIAL: "MBS loves KPR! What is special about your firm is not "glitz" or your knowledge of the tricks of the trade, but the profound respect shown to you by all the editors, writers and reviewers with whom we have dealt. We realize that only a great product can get great reviews. However, to get those good reviews, you have to get in the door. Those doors were enthusiastically opened to us because of you....Being called "the Mercedes of file synchronization" on the front page of the Marketplace section of the Wall Street Journal and awards such as the recognition we received from the Software Publishers Association and our four-mouse rating from MacUser would not have been possible without your work.--

Bernee D. L. Strom, President, MBS Technologies, Inc.

Key Benefits

See information about your product in a wide variety of publications that are read by potential buyers.


  1. KPR has been conducting product review programs since the day it opened its doors in 1976. We have a long list of established contacts from which our clients benefit.
  2. Our staff has a team approach to review programs. We all work on them. Therefore, there is always someone here during the business day to answer questions and fill requests.
  3. Because of the skill level of KPR's president, David Kaye, who is an electronics engineer and other members of our staff, we have been able to provide highly respected technical support for editors.
    WHAT AN EDITOR SAYS: "KPR, Inc. is clearly one of the more competent PR firms in this business. They know their client's products so well that they have even provided answers when our reviewers were in need of technical support."--

    Ephraim Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief
    Computer Buyers' Guide and Handbook

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KPR Inc.: High-Tech Public Relations And Strategic Marketing Services

KPR Inc.: High-Technology Public Relations And Marketing Services
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KPR Inc.: High-Tech Public Relations And Strategic Marketing Services
KPR Inc.: High-Tech Public Relations And Strategic Marketing Services
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